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CLU Club circa 1945
CLU Club circa 1945
The CLU Social Club is a not-for-profit social organization based upon the betterment of its members and community. Established in 1933, the CLU was formed with the purpose of promoting and furthering the interests and principals of organized labor in Monroe County and to advance its members socially, morally and intellectually. Over the years, the Club has evolved to include non-union social members as part of its family. Today, with over 500 active members, the CLU continues the tradition begun by our founding fathers: to uphold and nourish the values of Family, Community and Country. The CLU is actively involved in supporting charitable organizations throughout our community and pays particular attention to promoting today’s youth.
For our members, the Club sponsors several pool teams through sanctioned pool leagues such as the American Pool Players Assoc (APA), Billiard Congress of America (BCA), and the Twin Borough Invitational Pool League. In addition, the Club hosts several member-only tournaments throughout the year.
The CLU Social Club caters to its membership and hosts several yearly social events and offers its members an array of activities in a comfortable, relaxing environment.
Member Board Meeting

   Tuesday Dec 17, 2013  7PM

Fundraiser Meeting


Annual Christmas Party December 21, 2013


CLU Club Annual Pool Tournament 2013


   1st Place   Phil Stucker

   2nd Place  Jimmy Fisher

   3rd Place   Mark Louchart









Bingo is Back


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